Ask yourself one question, “What are your fitness goals”?


The health and fitness industry is a billion dollar business thriving off of people in need of guidance when it comes to managing their weight and fitness. With everyone trying to sell you their product it’s hard to know what will benefit your fitness and weight goals. Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a fitness program or a dietary program you should ask yourself, “What am I trying to accomplish”? Write it down if you need to or create a story board of the new you! Whatever your goals are its imperative that you visualize them, and do some research to figure out the best way to change your current fitness and nutritional life style to obtain the body you desire. Are you pear shaped, hour-glass, athletic, petite, or a rectangle? So to put things into perspective, figure out what type of body you want to achieve and reach for your dreams. With a little hard work day in day out you will achieve your dreams in no time.

Love, Nicole

Home Health Aides; the New underpaid Certified Nursing Assistant……

Home Health Aides; the New underpaid Certified Nursing Assistant……

When the New Year, 2014 came in, I wanted to do something drastic with my life. I wanted a great change, something exciting, and meaningful. My two oldest kids, ages 21 and 19 were out doing their own thing; and my youngest, the 17 year old, well I only existed to him when he wanted a ride somewhere, money, or food lol. My dating life was crappy, and my friends and I schedules could never seem to coordinate with each other so we could hang out. I felt over worked and underpaid at work so I felt, Why not make a big change? I have raised my kids and I still have life so why not look back into accomplishing some of my goals. Well one of those goals was to move to the Big Apple, New York City. So being the impulsive person that I am. I pumped myself up, resigned from my job, left my place, and on February 18, 2014 I flew to Brooklyn NY….

Once I got settled into Brooklyn and had enough sightseeing and eating out. I began looking for a job. Now back in Atlanta I was a Communications Officer so I felt it should be fairly easy get into that field in New York. But I soon found out that was not the case. New York hiring practices were quite different from Atlanta and much more difficult and had I done my research before making such a big step, I would have known that. So knowing that I will have to work somewhere until I could get into the Public Safety field, I started searching for jobs. In my search I seen that being a Nanny, Caregiver, or Dog Walker was big in Brooklyn and in some cases paid fairly well. So since I am a nurturing person anyway and loved helping people I felt I would fit very well into that field. And again that field had some red tap to peel through, however it was only 4 weeks of training to become a NY State Certified Home Health Aide, where one would assist sickly elderly or physically challenged people with daily activities around their home or even accompany them on outings such as doctor’s appointments or grocery shopping. I felt this job would be right up my alley, I felt I could make a go of it and really take it to the next level. I love elderly people and with some of them being so lonely, I really wanted to help and be involved. So I applied for the training and soon after I began.

While going through the training I began to realize that the training that was being crammed into a 4 week course was more like being a CAN (Certified Nurse Asst.) except without the actual certification. I mean the things an HHA had to; dealing with catheters, ostomy care, grooming, mouth care, vitals, and more depending on the patient’s needs. Additional to that the HHA would perform Personal Care assistance duties like light house cleaning, cooking meals according to the patients care plan, grocery shopping and planning, accompanying the patient to outdoor places, and being a companion. And Guess what this job paid a whopping $10.00 an hour and $150.00 a day if you were a live in HHA. Lol why? Is it because the person did not actually go to a nursing school? Why are HHA’s good enough to be a patients nurse, housekeeper, and companion, but not good enough to be paid for the greatness that they do? In lots of cases HHA’s are their patients everything. They are often times the first and only person the elderly or physically challenged see’s every day since family members are too busy living their own lives. These men and women take on lots of stress having to deal with someone’s mood and trying to please them every day, all while picking up after them, taking care of them, and in the meantime stressing on how to pay their own bills because they are so underpaid. This job requires a very selfless and caring person and simply because of their education level, they are not paid the appropriate pay. But that’s America, the less you do, the more you get paid, and the harder you work, the less you get paid…. Example: Why would a basketball player be paid more than a doctor that saves lives? It’s sickening..

In the end, I chose that this job was not for me, I want to assist people in another form, such as in Social Work which is a degree I’m working on now. But as I said earlier, to be a Home Health Aide or Caregiver of any sort, it takes a good selfless and caring person. You definitely have to do it for the love of helping over getting the money. However it is still a much underpaid job that gives an overload if stress. I pray one that someone will take a second look and realize that these people really need more praise, attention, and money for what they do.

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Does His Actions Match His Words?

Does His Actions Match His Words?

So ladies, have you ever experienced a situation where you met a nice and handsome guy and you felt yourself really feeling him after a couple of dates and conversations. You both seem to share a lot of things in common and is also on the same page as far as what you both want from a relationship. In the beginning he flatters you with beautiful compliments, gassing your head up on how much he cares for you and how he could actually see you being his wife one day. Then later after more dates and time shared ,you begin to notice his that actions are not lining up with his words. His calls lessen, your dates become non-existent, and his consistency is no more. However when you both speak, he claims it isn’t what you think and have you feeling as if you are making something out of nothing, claiming he is just really busy…I’m sorry but did I miss something? I believe if you truly want someone, no matter how busy you are, you will find a way to always let that person know where they stand in your life and you will surely show your interest in them one way or the other..

But I have a question; What is up with men and their inconsistency these days? Why does making a commitment seem like the ending of their life? Every woman will not crowd your space guys, some of us have lives as well. And we can actually be your friend outside of your boys. We women just want the love, respect, and commitment given to be returned willingly.

Note to Guys: If you meet a woman and you like her like that, but you know you are not ready for commitments or if you know you already have a commitment, just be honest, let her decide if that is something she wants to deal with, don’t try and trick her into being with you for you to get what you want; then when she starts to expect more from you, you start looking at her sideways as if she is the problem.

Note to Ladies: No matter how good the conversation or time spent is, step back and see are his actions matching his words. ‘probably not if you have to’…. see if his intentions are real; yes we all want awesome sex, sweet words, and a handsome man, with a great smile, but why waist your time and body on something that wont last long. I think we need to make these guys more accountable ladies, don’t make it easy for them, Make sure their actions match their Words before you give yourself…

Signing Off Empress!!!!!

Nollywood VS Hollywood!!!

Nollywood VS Hollywood!!!

Salaam Alaykum Friends….

About 10 years ago I caught an interest in watching Bollywood movies. I really enjoyed renting and watching them because they were more real life like, more real life stories. Although I was more accustomed to watching Hollywood movies, I was getting tired of them because they simply were not real to me anymore. It seemed as if everyone was always rich, beautiful, or just had some type of “life is perfect illusion”. But Bollywood movies showed me different. I was able to connect with the story lines and characters because it was more like my life and the community I lived in.
Then came along something a little more interesting; Nollywood movies. OMG…I fell in love with these movies. They were great…So much Drama, and Suspense…Nollywood movies will have you begging and asking for more. I have been on these movies for 10 years strong and I am still addicted to them, they are actually my favorite pastime.


According to Wikipedia Nollywood is the Nigerian Film industry which grew rather quickly in the 90’s up to the 2000’s, which is when I caught on to them in 2003. They are now considered the second largest film industry in the world in numbers of annual film productions, placing them ahead of the United States (Hollywood) movies and behind Indian cinema (Bollywood) movies. The Nollywood movie industry is said to be valued at; 522 billion Naira, that’s 3.5 billion US dollars and they are said to produce over one hundred home videos and films per annum. So with that being said; Is Nollywood turning into the new Hollywood?

I can say from personal experience, I have turned lots of my friends on to them and they love them. I have also noticed that more and more Americans are starting to watch them. I think even two American actors has participated in Nollywood films so far and one Haitian.

They are great movies for pennies; you can get a full movie for $4.00 to $10.00 dollars depending on how many parts are in the movie. Most will come as a part one and a part two. And that would be my only complaint about Nollywood films…” Put the whole movie on 1 DVD’ lol..
Anyway be sure to check them out, you won’t be disappointed. One website is called where they can be watched, or search Nigerian movies on YouTube.

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My Top Ten Resolutions for 2014!!!

My Top Ten Resolutions for 2014!!!

1. Stay Consistent
2. Complete projects I start.
3. Try new things, be more adventurous.
4. Be more active in the community, Volunteer…
5. Pray More, Worry Less..
6. Get rid of the potty mouth..
7. Cut some of my social media time, enjoy life more..
8. Cut the expensive cable bill, I don’t even watch TV..
9. Complete last year’s
10. Oh, and Stop making New Year’s Resolution’s list…

May Allah bless all of you to be happy in 2014, cover you, and keep you safe…

Happy New Year Friends

Signing Off,


Are You An Emotional Eater?

Are You An Emotional Eater?

Asalamu Alaykum ,

In my English class this past semester, it seems that all of our class discussions and writings were based on Obesity; whether it was how the Government should intervene to help get a handle on obesity, what responsibility the food industry has on the growing epidemic, or putting a label on obesity in general. In all of these discussions the only thing that continued to run in my mind was “People Please…It’s Not about the Food”.
No matter the eating disorder whether it is obesity or bulimia, it’s simply not about the food. There is always an underlying hurt, handicap, or pain there to cause these issues. I don’t feel one wants to be fat and get taunted daily or get very skinny to fit in with the in crowd. It’s an Emotional Eating disorder and its something happening or something that has happened to these victims that trigger this type of behavior. Lots of men and women suffer from emotional eating disorders; I was one whom went through this situation and still struggle with it at times. I would use eating as a way to deal with and control emotions or negative feelings. No matter if I was celebrating or if I was feeling sad. I used food as a healer, to distress, or to simply forget what I wanted to stop thinking about. I saw it as an embarrassment to talk to someone about it, so most just looked at me as being greedy, when that surely was not the case. Out of desperation to save myself, I really had to look inside myself as see why I was using food as my companion. After looking back on my old journals I realized it was because I never loved me they way I should have. I always loved and nurtured others and eventually I was burned out and down on me because I did not love and nurture my own self and I expected that the love and consideration I gave out would be returned, in which of course it was not. I taught people how to treat me because I accepted whatever they hashed out and kept forgiving and loving. I say all that to say it turned me from this generous, friendly, and outgoing person to a bitter, cautious, women with a do not enter sign on my heart and a Emotional Eater. Food was my friend. Food did not lie, use, or disappoint me. But I soon had to realize food was also not my friend; because the same food that made me feel all better inside, could also kill me one day.
I thank God that this was a disorder I was able to overcome and start to enjoy life again. I recognized I was going through a deep depression that needed immediate attention. But I did the work, got all better, and I’m good now. I still like food and will go in at times, but I snap back and get it under control, good thing is I know it’s no longer emotional eating it’s me pigging out with my teenager on our movie
If you are one suffering from this disorder, I urge you to seek the help that you see fit. I have included a link below for those needing help with this situation.

Signing Off,

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