Balancing a Busy Schedule….

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Good Morning Friends,

        I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything; life has had me very busy. I’m currently struggling with trying to balance work, school, home, family, friends, spiritual, and most of all me time. I really have to get a balance because most days I’m eating sorry microwavable foods, which is not helping with my weight loss, or I find myself laying in bed dreading getting up to start my day, or feeling like I’m losing out on life by being so busy and that’s just a few of my  concerns.  This morning I felt was my breaking point, I did not want another energy drink, I wanted sleep, however I still didn’t sleep I’m up typing my blog right now, because I feel I’m neglecting what I love doing and that is blogging. So in the mist of my misery, I googled, “balancing time with a busy schedule” , a few articles came up, but one in particular stood out and I’d like to share it with you in case you are dealing with the same dilemma as I am…Hope this helps…I’m sure it will help me, I’m praying so anyway….

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 5 Steps to Balance a Busy Schedule
Understand that balance is not necessarily having as much free time as possible so that we do not have to work.  It is also not the idea of spending an equal amount of time in each part of our lives.  Balance is when we are able to spend time on what is necessary to be happy (ie spend time with family, go to the beach, etc.) while at the same time making time for what is necessary to survive (ie earn money for food, pay bills, etc.).  If we are balanced we will spend our time in such a way where we do not feel deprived of either happiness or our basic survival needs.
1.  Set aside and “Hour of Power” each week.          
   Simply set aside an hour each week that you will work on planning your schedule.  During that time you will figure out exactly how everything will fit together.  This will prevent you from double booking and forgetting important events.
2.  Have a written schedule that is accessible.          
   Write your schedule in a planner, on your computer, a wall calendar, or a sheet of paper.  The important thing is that you keep it in a place that allows you to see it regularly.  Ideally, you would want to look at it no less than twice a day.   This will give you permission to say “NO” or “YES” as new tasks spring up on you because you will already have a schedule.
3.  Decide your “Big Rocks” What are the top 10 things that must get done this week? 
Decide them and put those in your schedule first, BEFORE you put anything else.  Realize this may require you to allow yourself to schedule less important things for another time or another week.  Often what frustrates us most about how we spend our time is not that we didn’t get EVERYTHING done, but that we didn’t get to the few things we REALLY WANTED to accomplish.  Putting the most important tasks first allows you to make what you really want for happiness and need for survival a priority.
4.  Spend time emotionally walking through your schedule.
  You will find that if you have an emotional attachment to the schedule, you are less likely to blow it off.  Look at each day and then close your eyes and picture how you will feel as you are getting these done.  Really get into how it will feel to get everything done and what each individual event will be like.
5.  Have Goals
It helps to make a schedule if you are looking to work beyond just this week.  Now the weekly schedule has the purpose of getting us closer to our monthly or yearly goals.  Have professional, spiritual, family, and financial goals.  Find ways to measure these goals so you can break them down into bench marks.  At your hour of power each week ask, “What can I put into my schedule this week that will bring me closer to reaching this goal.”