Feeling Frustrared and Overwhelmed? You may need a Life Detox!

No matter what path you are on in life today, at some point; we all feel tired mentally. We feel frustrated and overwhelmed. We feel stuck like we are obligated to everyone and everything and forget to feed our own souls and hearts in the process. When life gets to that point, a Life Detox . If not; everything we are feeling inside comes to the forefront. Meaning; if our minds are cluttered,  it shows up in the way we keep our homes and ourselves sometimes.  If we are feeling sad and confused inside, nothing gets accomplished or we don’t put our best foot forward in anything that we do. Our relationships start to suffer and we become angry and resentful. I was all of those things once. I’ve always given people and situations my best but was upset when the same treatment was not returned to me. That became a cycle for a long time for me. I became anti-social, not as generous to people, and most of all that anger and resentment started growing. Until one day I decided I had to choose to be happy and figure exactly what I needed to do to get there and since life is ever-changing I’m still on that journey of finding my happy place today.


When I say a Life Detox is needed, I mean we need to unplug from life for a moment, gather ourselves and our minds, and figure out what it is we need to do to fix our situations, whatever they may be. I created a list of things I often do to try to keep myself from repeating those old cycles.  I hope you will be able to get something from this list that can help you. Thanks for reading ……

  1. Unplug from Social Media

Taking a couple of days from Social Media a few times a month is highly encouraged. With all the negative videos post or people and friends posting the best moments of their lives, leaving you feeling like your life falls short. Don’t do that to yourself, know that no one life is perfect, even with all the money in the world.

2. Rid yourself of Toxic People and Situations

If anyone or anything in your life is not contributing to your happiness, feeding your soul, or making you want to do and be better. GET RID of IT or THEM…We have enough stress in life and where it is going, we don’t need to add toxic people and situations. Love yourself enough to when it’s time to walk away. Know that you come first and if you are not watching out for you, who will. Even if it is a family member, forgive them, separate yourself, and love them from afar. You matter…

3. Take a Stay-cation just for you

If possible, take a vacation day from work when you feel you are getting tired mentally. Take a day or two just for yourself to relax or regroup. Not running errands or taking care of the family. But to take care of yourself. Do something you enjoy, something that makes you smile, big or small.

4. Definitely Be Still

When I say be still I mean. Quiet always helps to calm the mind. Things like reading a good book. Not on a tablet or device, but an actual book. Writing helps if you don’t feel you have anyone to talk to. A journal helps in healing.  Or meditating or praying as well. Prayer and meditation are like a reset button. You feel renewed afterward.

5. Exercise

Exercise works wonders. It lifts your spirit. Energize your body and mind, and makes you feel good about yourself. Yoga, or simply stretching. It all helps. Again you are taking care of you.

6. Revisit your Finances. Plan & Budget

We all want whatever our little hearts desire and that is fine, but if your finances disagree. You may need to redo your budget. I plan everything from Bills, Trips, Grooming, Outings, even when I will treat myself to a movie or a new stick of mascara. Feeling overwhelmed about money is the worst. It’s very stressful, scary, and confusing. But if you plan your moves before you make them, you will be fine. Create a budget for yourself and your family and stick to it. Make sure you are preparing for unexpected losses. And last but really first, live within your means.

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Anyone due for a Vision Board?

So most of us have settled very well into 2016, accomplishing our goals and sticking to our New Year’s resolutions; but if you’re inconsistent like me, you may have slacked off. Now for 2016, I decided not make any new resolutions because I knew my life was moving in a different direction. I ended a relationship, got a promotion at work, bought a new car, and most of all I started to make myself a priority rather than everyone and everything else. So clearly I knew my life was changing. I did plan on setting goals for myself along the way, but somewhere in that process, I felt overwhelmed and found myself in a rut and couldn’t find my way out. I even visited my doctor because I felt so tired and burned out. I never realized that when your mind is tired, it can really make your body very tired and fatigued.


Anyway; after some soul searching and allowing myself to sit in that rut to identify what was going on with myself, I was able to regroup and get myself together. Which brings me to the subject at hand..VISION BOARD…. I remember some time ago I created a vision board and it really helped me to stay focused on my goals and was a great reminder that there was still work to be done anytime I felt like slacking. So although we are well into 2016, I still decided to create a vision board to have a visual of my long-term goals and to create the baby steps along the way. Therefore, I will be able to finish off the year with a bang and have a clear vision of what I want and need to accomplish in 2017, God willing.

So friends if you’re feeling a little out of place or unclear as to what you want to do with your life. A vision board is an awesome tool to help you realize your goals and make plans for your future. It’s never too late and it’s a fun activity. I’m even thinking of throwing vision board parties..It’s nothing like cupcakes, margaritas, and great friends sharing their vision…


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Are You An Emotional Eater?

Are You An Emotional Eater?

Asalamu Alaykum ,

In my English class this past semester, it seems that all of our class discussions and writings were based on Obesity; whether it was how the Government should intervene to help get a handle on obesity, what responsibility the food industry has on the growing epidemic, or putting a label on obesity in general. In all of these discussions the only thing that continued to run in my mind was “People Please…It’s Not about the Food”.
No matter the eating disorder whether it is obesity or bulimia, it’s simply not about the food. There is always an underlying hurt, handicap, or pain there to cause these issues. I don’t feel one wants to be fat and get taunted daily or get very skinny to fit in with the in crowd. It’s an Emotional Eating disorder and its something happening or something that has happened to these victims that trigger this type of behavior. Lots of men and women suffer from emotional eating disorders; I was one whom went through this situation and still struggle with it at times. I would use eating as a way to deal with and control emotions or negative feelings. No matter if I was celebrating or if I was feeling sad. I used food as a healer, to distress, or to simply forget what I wanted to stop thinking about. I saw it as an embarrassment to talk to someone about it, so most just looked at me as being greedy, when that surely was not the case. Out of desperation to save myself, I really had to look inside myself as see why I was using food as my companion. After looking back on my old journals I realized it was because I never loved me they way I should have. I always loved and nurtured others and eventually I was burned out and down on me because I did not love and nurture my own self and I expected that the love and consideration I gave out would be returned, in which of course it was not. I taught people how to treat me because I accepted whatever they hashed out and kept forgiving and loving. I say all that to say it turned me from this generous, friendly, and outgoing person to a bitter, cautious, women with a do not enter sign on my heart and a Emotional Eater. Food was my friend. Food did not lie, use, or disappoint me. But I soon had to realize food was also not my friend; because the same food that made me feel all better inside, could also kill me one day.
I thank God that this was a disorder I was able to overcome and start to enjoy life again. I recognized I was going through a deep depression that needed immediate attention. But I did the work, got all better, and I’m good now. I still like food and will go in at times, but I snap back and get it under control, good thing is I know it’s no longer emotional eating it’s me pigging out with my teenager on our movie nights..lol.
If you are one suffering from this disorder, I urge you to seek the help that you see fit. I have included a link below for those needing help with this situation.

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