Gratitude’ The Best Attitude!

gratitude-thank-you-quoteThe dictionary defines gratitude as feeling grateful or thankful and having the readiness to show appreciation in return. Well I can honestly say that “gratitude” was one quality that I fell short of majority of my adult life. I would always find myself always wanting more, wanting to do more, and wanting to be more. That of course would led to bad and impulsive decision-making. And dealing with tough consequences.

I once read a quote that read ” It doesn’t matter whether your glass is half empty or half full, just be thankful that you have a glass with something in it”. And for a lot of us that is a hard pill to swallow. I understand. We feel as if we wake up everyday and go out into the world, work hard, be nice and polite, keep a structured life, and so on that we deserve whatever our heart desires. Forgetting that there is a divine plan for all of our lives. All of us are not meant to be rich and live in a big house and drive fancy cars, some of us are meant to live in a small house and drive a Chevy and be rich at heart. And Some of ou will reach those riches one day, but in our divine time.

At the last part of 2013, I decided to move to Brooklyn, New York. I quit my job, gave everything that I had worked so hard for away, and left my comfortable home in search of a better life or seeking more happiness. Instead; in a matter of 7 months, I ran through my savings, never got a quality job, lived in a small apt with bedbugs paying $1650 a month and could barely keep up. By the Summer of 2014 I came running back to Atlanta with my tail between my legs feeling like a failure and ashamed because here was a 36-year-old woman starting over like she had just left her mom’s house for the first time to start life. The whole time I was in Brooklyn I could not help but to see what I did and the mistakes that I had made. I realized that the terrible life that I thought I had, was not bad at all. It was great in fact. But all those feelings of being incomplete came from not having gratitude and not appreciating what God had given me and especially not having a relationship with God. I remember one night crying and asking God if he would give me the opportunity to go back home and get thing right, I would forever be grateful. And guess what. Because of his mercy, he granted me that blessing. And I am much more thankful for life today. I have more than I had before and I actually appreciate whatever I get now because now I know it could always be worst and everything happens not in my time but in God time.

I say all this to say. I know you may not know poverty or struggles like others, but not being grateful for what you have and having greed for more sure can get you to that place. Understand that being rich and having more is all in your head, heart, and spirit. Only God and you can create your happiness. Cars, Clothes, Homes, and Cars can’t. It’s within you. And having “Gratitude” for what you have in this present moment is a great start to happiness and riches.

Signing Off,