Feeling Frustrared and Overwhelmed? You may need a Life Detox!

No matter what path you are on in life today, at some point; we all feel tired mentally. We feel frustrated and overwhelmed. We feel stuck like we are obligated to everyone and everything and forget to feed our own souls and hearts in the process. When life gets to that point, a Life Detox . If not; everything we are feeling inside comes to the forefront. Meaning; if our minds are cluttered,  it shows up in the way we keep our homes and ourselves sometimes.  If we are feeling sad and confused inside, nothing gets accomplished or we don’t put our best foot forward in anything that we do. Our relationships start to suffer and we become angry and resentful. I was all of those things once. I’ve always given people and situations my best but was upset when the same treatment was not returned to me. That became a cycle for a long time for me. I became anti-social, not as generous to people, and most of all that anger and resentment started growing. Until one day I decided I had to choose to be happy and figure exactly what I needed to do to get there and since life is ever-changing I’m still on that journey of finding my happy place today.


When I say a Life Detox is needed, I mean we need to unplug from life for a moment, gather ourselves and our minds, and figure out what it is we need to do to fix our situations, whatever they may be. I created a list of things I often do to try to keep myself from repeating those old cycles.  I hope you will be able to get something from this list that can help you. Thanks for reading ……

  1. Unplug from Social Media

Taking a couple of days from Social Media a few times a month is highly encouraged. With all the negative videos post or people and friends posting the best moments of their lives, leaving you feeling like your life falls short. Don’t do that to yourself, know that no one life is perfect, even with all the money in the world.

2. Rid yourself of Toxic People and Situations

If anyone or anything in your life is not contributing to your happiness, feeding your soul, or making you want to do and be better. GET RID of IT or THEM…We have enough stress in life and where it is going, we don’t need to add toxic people and situations. Love yourself enough to when it’s time to walk away. Know that you come first and if you are not watching out for you, who will. Even if it is a family member, forgive them, separate yourself, and love them from afar. You matter…

3. Take a Stay-cation just for you

If possible, take a vacation day from work when you feel you are getting tired mentally. Take a day or two just for yourself to relax or regroup. Not running errands or taking care of the family. But to take care of yourself. Do something you enjoy, something that makes you smile, big or small.

4. Definitely Be Still

When I say be still I mean. Quiet always helps to calm the mind. Things like reading a good book. Not on a tablet or device, but an actual book. Writing helps if you don’t feel you have anyone to talk to. A journal helps in healing.  Or meditating or praying as well. Prayer and meditation are like a reset button. You feel renewed afterward.

5. Exercise

Exercise works wonders. It lifts your spirit. Energize your body and mind, and makes you feel good about yourself. Yoga, or simply stretching. It all helps. Again you are taking care of you.

6. Revisit your Finances. Plan & Budget

We all want whatever our little hearts desire and that is fine, but if your finances disagree. You may need to redo your budget. I plan everything from Bills, Trips, Grooming, Outings, even when I will treat myself to a movie or a new stick of mascara. Feeling overwhelmed about money is the worst. It’s very stressful, scary, and confusing. But if you plan your moves before you make them, you will be fine. Create a budget for yourself and your family and stick to it. Make sure you are preparing for unexpected losses. And last but really first, live within your means.

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Water Detox Recipes

For those who have no clue where to start in making Water Detox Recipes,  We have provided a few recipes below to get your creative juices flowing.


Water Detox with Lemon, Cinnamon, & Fuji Apples



  • 1 table-spoon lemon juice
  • 6 ounces of warm to hot water
  • 1 tsp honey (optional)
  • Apple Cinnamon Recipe
  • 1 Fuji apple
  • I tsp powdered cinnamon sticks

Water Detox with Lemon ,Cucumber, & Mint



  • 2 sliced Lemons
  • 12 cups or 3 quarts of water
  • 1/2 sliced cucumber
  • 10- 15 organic mint leaves


Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher and let steep overnight and enjoy in the A.M.

A Girl’s Guide to a Healthy Water Detox!

No matter the occasion you should always feel and look your best. The best way to guarantee that type of confidence starts from within. For those who have decided to put them self’s first to the road of developing a new you requires the same type of drive you dedicate to your studies, careers, relationships, parenting, and etc. One of the best cost-effective way’s to kick-start the new you has been at your fingertips since conception.

Detox water has been one of the worlds best kept secrets when it comes to assisting with turning back the hands of time and weight loss. When starting a regimen of water detoxing, sure the first few days may be a bit uncomfortable but after those days pass you will start to feel and see the benefits of your sacrifice. Some of the benefits include, weight loss, healthier hair, clear mind, improved skin, more energy, and water detoxing also helps in fighting the aging process.

 Before you start your Water Detox journey be aware of the side affects that may come with getting rid of toxins that have built up over the years. During the first 2 to 3 day’s you may experience, headaches, uncomfortable bowel movement, frequent urination, passing of gas, bad breath, intense hunger pains and cravings. If you are pregnant or a nursing, suffer from chronic disease, have pre-existing health conditions, take prescription medication, its highly recommended you do not Detox. However if you feel this is something you think will benefit you please seek medical advice from your physician.

Happy Detoxing!

 Guide to Water Detoxing:

  1. Have a plan of action
  2. Make sure you know how many days you plan on detoxing
  3. Come up with one drink mixture per day (you should drink at least one and no more than two quarts a day) 
  4. Write down each mixture on separate sheets of paper along with the ingredients needed
  5. Before you start your program spend 2 to 3 days to prepare your body for the detox. Drink lots of water and fresh squeezed juice, eat lots of fruits & vegetables, and try to eliminate processed food all together.
  6. Take a trip to the store and purchase everything on your list ( make sure you purchase spring or distilled water for your mixtures)
  7. Prepare your first mixture the night before your first day and get ready for the new you to blossom.

Caution: Please do not drink more than eight of water in a three-hour time period. This act alone could damage you kidneys. Also when breaking your fast please start with soft fruits, remember your digestive system just went through a major change

Love,  Nicole