What are Your Dating Deal Breakers?

Hey Lucid’s ….So  reluctantly I have found my way back to the dating world and it’s so funny how with each relationship or situation-ship that I leave or leaves me lol, I learn more and more about what I really want and don’t want, deal breakers or acceptables lol if that’s a word… Like while I don’t really care for dating and having to keep meeting new people and telling my story over and over, I feel it is good because again with each encounter it leaves me with more insight as to what I really want in mate and what will keep me happy. Now I am not talking about the basic things like having someone’s who’s Self-Sufficient, Hardworking, God Fearing, Honest, Affectionate, etc.… even though that’s getting harder to find, I mean those eccentric things, things that hold my attention or things that turn me off for that matter. I also learn more about the energies that I release and what I can do better at or pull back on.

So, with all of that being said, I have always been open to dating different type of men whether it was race, culture, lifestyle, or class. I have never been judgmental about those types of things as I feel you never know where you will find love or in who. But I have found that as I am getting older, I want someone more equally yoked or that fits me if that makes sense.  I am not as accepting of certain things that I was accepting of when I was younger or last year for that matter.  My deal breaker list is growing but I feel I have to relax on some of those things, if not I will grow old alone  and I do not want that for myself, I need and want a husband in the near future lol.

My Deal Breakers

  • Over Three Children
  • No Accomplishments or Commitments
  • Children under 16,
  • Under 5’9 in height
  • No Car
  • Has a Roommate
  • No employment or business
  • Lacks in good Grooming
  • Inability to Communicate well or have mature conversations
  • Younger than me

The list gets longer, but those are my top deal breakers although I can cancel one or two.

So Lucid’s what are your deal breakers, do you feel mine need to be relaxed, comment below. Let us talk about it….

Till Next Time…..Kisses & Hugs

What’s the Deal with Today’s Dating Trends?

What is going on in our dating trends today? Having an ongoing real commitment is nearly impossible now. I’m really not liking this new age dating thing. You just don’t see courting and other traditional methods of dating anymore. These dating sites and other social media outlets only allow you to see the person of interest representatives and only what they want you to see. They put on for the gram and snap-chat and others making it seem life is great, but you don’t see what is lacking. And since we live in a fast/right now day in time. We jump in and out of relationships like putting a hot-pocket into a microwave, minute relationships. No one wants to be real. Most of us are thinking we can always get and do better. When the truth is we will never find a love that is totally what we want, they will have flaws as we do. We just need to find those most important things we need and learn and grow with the person for the things they lack or vice versa.


I can honestly say I meet great guys, but don’t understand why guys are so inconsistent these days. They don’t want to label any relationships besides calling women friends, yet they want women to act and play the role of a girlfriend or wife, and most of us women stupidly play along and accept these half-ass relationships or commitments for the sake of having a love life. Giving discounts knowing we are worth much more than what we receive. I have learned to no longer do such a thing. Yes, I want to re-marry one day, but I also won’t accept anything or anyone into my life. I know who I am and the love I have to give therefore the man will need to be the same. I want to find a great love to grow with and be one of those old couples sitting in Piccadilly’s barely getting the food in our mouths, lol. But again in this day and time, I don’t know. Sometimes I wonder if it’s city I live in because they don’t call it Hot-Lanta for no reason, but out of all the guys here, there has to be better. Maybe they are sitting at home like me. I don’t know. Either way; I just can’t accept these dating trends today. I want and need more than that. I like to get beneath the surface of a person and see the soul. But I guess since God wills all things, he will send my Romeo in time when he sees fit for him and I to meet. And until then I guess I will always wonder if I’ll ever remarry again one day.


Signing Off,