Closing out Chapter 43 and Loading Chapter 44!

It’s my Birthday…..I am so grateful for this new chapter, it gives me a sense of being renewed. I am actually looking forward to growing older and wiser and doing it with grace.

I was hankered to write this post because if I am being honest, my 43rd chapter had to be one of the best but worst years that I’ve ever experienced and I was ready to move on from it. 

For me, growing older is like Sunday mornings, it revives your spirit for the new journey ahead. In my 43rd chapter I had a beautiful granddaughter, I got hitched in Vegas to who I thought would be the love of my life but it was over for us before we could even begin, had to file for bankruptcy due to my impulsive financial decisions, and now a divorce, got the job I always wanted, and accomplished some small goals that I had. So lots of ups and downs. Through these trails, I was forced to really sit and take a look at myself and question my thoughts, actions, and not so good decisions. I took responsibility for my bad decisions and/ or mistakes, realized where I went wrong and identified any triggers or distractions that took me off of my path. I forgave myself, and most importantly asked for God’s forgiveness for thinking that I can do anything without him.

Luckily I have come out on top despite all of my heartaches. My spirit has been renewed. My mindset has been renewed. My heart has healed. And best of all, I still have God’s mercy and grace holding me down.I am typically a very private person and don’t share all parts of my life, especially the challenging parts because my pride just won’t let me. I choose to work through things alone. But I have since learned to be more transparent with people to a degree. I believe sometimes our own journeys can inspire or help others get through their stuff because we all have it right…..

So today I woke up on that new new lol. I thanked God for a new opportunity to show more gratitude, live more happily, and understand that life is a journey and learning path to greatness. And patience is virtue, everything doesn’t have to come to me at once. I wanted to share some of my takeaways from my 43rd chapter, hopefully it can help you too….

Lessons from Chapter 43

  • For anything that you give, you have to give yourself double
  • To give yourself grace for any mistakes, but do better
  • That the love & respect that you give yourself is what you will receive from others. So if you don’t love & respect you, no one else will.
  • It’s okay to say NO and not give a  sh*t…lol
  • Lastly, being still and allowing temporary pleasures to past will help you dodge lots of heartaches in your future. 

Here’s to Chapter 44 Baby……


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