Changing Our Mindsets!

Helloooooo….. How is everyone doing? I hope all of you had an awesome and satisfying holiday. Mine was quite different this year as my family dynamic has changed, some parts for the good and some not so good. Either way, I was and still is happy and grateful for everything.

Can you guys believe that we are already approaching the year, I think it is safe to say that 2020 reared its ugly head and shot out of here fast. We all seen so many things come to the light with the countries racial divide, Covid-19, the craziest Presidential race among other things like injustices, homelessness, joblessness, loss of businesses and family, I mean must I go on. I think we are looking for 2021 to bring better things our way and help get back some normalcy in our lives.

Looking for better things in 2021 is part of my reasoning for this blog today. And those better things are building better relationships or repairing worthy old ones. Creating healthy and lasting friendships and partnerships or repairing those old family wounds. Let’s get rid of that “no new friends” attitude or being alone, or pushing everyone and everything out of our lives. One gift that 2020 gave is was being able to sit still and reevaluate our lives and every component of them. It showed us that we do need a good support system, good friends, and family and not to throw those important things away. Everyone is always screaming crushing goals, and getting the bag, then look for support from who? the people they decided to put the bag before? or the people they pushed out of their lives? We simply need people, people…….

I often say that broken relationships or partnerships comes from the lack of proper communication, not setting and sticking to boundaries, setting unrealistic expectations, and not teaching people how to treat us. We often get fed up with people once we have allowed certain behaviors from, not communicated our feelings effectively with, or set boundaries for. Which is not fair to others. We all are human and make bad decisions or hurt people at times, but with some active listening and honest conversations, not point the finger or blaming, lots of our relationships can be repaired and healthy moving forward. Now I do agree that sometimes our growth or self development may pull us away from people or there may be situations with just to much water under the bridge and it’s a no brainer to move on. But even if you have to do that, move on with no judgment, forgiveness if needed, and love them from a far while supporting them if you can.

I really hope you were able to get something out of this post today…..Have an Awesome Week and a Happy New Year!


Pretty Lucid……


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