Guess who turned 40….

So I have hit my 40th year on God’s green earth and I can honestly say it doesn’t feel half bad. I used to think that I would feel a way about getting older, but no, I’m noticing the older I get, life actually gets better. So I’m looking for to many more years, God willing…

I couldn’t do a lot to celebrate my milestone due to me getting a promotion at work and not being able to take off for a birthday vacation which was my original birthday plan, to go on a cruise as I never have, but the training is a lot and long, so duty called. Nevertheless, I had a great dinner and got to see Maxwell in concert. “I love him”. He’s so talented.

Anyway I’m happy I’ve reached a good place in life. I’m gonna ride out these 40’s and take in my blessings.

Till next time,


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