Mentally Tired? And you wonder why…


Have you ever found yourself just doing to much? whether it’s moving from one relationship to another, from one job to another or simply always being on the go.  Then you awake one day just feeling tired mentally, physically, and emotionally. I can honestly say that  I am the poster child of most that I listed above. And it took for me to get well into my 30’s to understand that its okay to just be still. I had to get that it was ok not to get to know every person that I met. I did not have to give my energy to every situation that occurred in my life or in the people around me lives. I had to learn that once I was complete within myself and  had a relationship with God where I’d be able to allow him to lead my life, no matter where I ended up in my life  physically or financially I’ll still be content and grateful, but able to always shine and grow within my own light. I did not need the reassurance of man. I only needed it from God.

I feel as people we are people-pleasers. We feel we always have to please, agree, and have the approval of the next man in the schools we choose, the homes we buy, cars we drive, the clothes we wear, and the list goes on. We feel we have to be at every party or get together, we have to be in the click even when we don’t feel connected. Well I’m here to say, we don’t. Its okay to say no. Its okay to walk our own way and to do exactly what we like. We don’t have to belong. We don’t have to be accepted. Those needing to be accepted are weak and confused people that are empty. They need to belong to make sense of their being. Not realizing that the person, job, or click that they are  longing to be apart of more than likely don’t share the same want.  So they send themselves into a world of hurt, depression, and anger. Because they expected the love, acceptance, and reassurance of man in return.

When we find ourselves in any situation or relationship that start to take us off of our mark or weigh us down, sometimes we have to be able to take a step back. Separate ourselves from the person or situation. Look at it with an open mind. See what is wrong with the picture, even what we are doing wrong. Assess whether it needs to be removed from our lives or see if its  something that can be done to change the dynamic of the situation or relationship on our end because remember we can only control our own feelings, reactions, and thoughts, not another person or situation. But the most important step is to be still and listen to God and our hearts. The two will never steer us wrong, no matter the path.

When I learned to be still and sit in my situations instead or running, turning a blind eye, or pleasing another and paid attention to what God planned for my life. I was able to live in peace. I no longer felt mentally exhausted, or like throwing in the towel. I got out of the rat race and created my own path where I did not have to compete, be accepted, or reassured of who I am. We should never lose the understanding that we are all here for a purpose. Our journey in life should be to learn what purpose we are here for, get on our jobs, and live as best as we can. The world will never change, it will only get more complicated. So love God, Love Yourself, your family and friends. Laugh if you want, Love with no expectations, travel if you can. Just live. No person or situation is worthy of interrupting your happiness. Please don’t allow it..

Signing Off,


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