Let’s get physical

The season for bikinis, sundresses, short short’s, and sleeveless shirts is fast approaching; have you started making movies towards the new you? I have given you a few pointer’s on your food intake, so know it’s time to get to the fun part!!! Let’s start moving!! Let’s get this fitness party started off with…… (drum roll please) a little bit of cardio and a lower body workouts. Trust me a little bit a day will definitely get you into your bikini right away!!!

Note: (Remember to always consult your physician before starting any fitness routines)

You can search the net or YouTube if you are not familiar with these exercises.’

1.  Start with 5 minutes of jumping rope at a moderate pace or jumping jacks. (this will        warm your muscle’s up)
2.  Complete 5 minutes of various leg, arm, back, neck, stretching.
3.  Complete 18 squats. ( Please take your time and do them properly, it’s not a       race, you will improve over time.)
4.  Complete 18 lunges on each leg.
5.  Complete 18 Three way lunges
6. Complete 18 Single leg dead lift
7. Complete 18 calf raises
Lets finish with abs
8. Complete 20 roman twist
9. Complete 20 Cycle crunches
10. Complete 20 side planks on each side
11. Complete 20 Planks up and down
12. Complete 20 crunches
13. Complete your work out with light stretching.
Remember a little bit a day will help you get into your bikini right away !!

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