Keeping your skin Clean & Clear

Featured in this photo is my beautiful daughter Brandi. Like me, Brandi has beautiful clear looking skin, so I asked her to share her skin regimen and tips on how she keeps her skin clean and clear.


  • First was to get a good facial cleanser, one as pure as possible like “Simple”. Simple has a great line of products that are great for sensitive skin and they are Dermatologist tested, Non-Comedogenic, and Hypoallergenic. I personally use Neutrogena’s Visibly Even Face Wash and Moisturizer. It works best for my skin.


  • Second was to keep your face moisturized at all times.
  • Brandi also shared that doing a weekly scrub or facial mask that fits your skin needs are always helpful.
  • My tip was to try to stick with one product. If you see it working for your skin, stick with it so you will be able to see the benefits over time. Skipping from product to product can dry out and reverse the journey of having healthy and natural looking skin.
  • And we all know that your diet is everything. Hydration is always needed for great skin, so water is a must and sticking to a clean eating diet.
  • Our last tip will be to always keep your bed sheets and pillows clean along with your hands and not allowing anyone else’s hands to touch her face.

I hope these skin tips were helpful, Have a great weekend….

Signing Off,


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