Saturday Night Special “Taco Lettuce Wraps”

We all love love love tacos, but in this day and age we are all also starting to become more conscious of what we are eating and storing in our bodies. So with that being said, my family and I are always searching for ways to eat better but not deprive ourselves of our favorite foods.

Lettuce Wrapped Tacos


Hands down, tacos are a favorite of both kids and adults. It’s super easy to make, very budget friendly, and can you say “tasty” . Well the down side of that is you can’t eat to many tortillas but with lettuce taco wraps, you can indulge a little more.

With Taco lettuce wraps you can fix them in your typical ways with basic (ground beef/turkey, soy crumbles can also be used also. Tomatoes, shredded cheese, with taco sauce and sour-cream or get a little funky and add corn, black or re-fried beans and salsa. The choices are endless, its your taco. However you make them, take a healthier route and leave out the tortillas or hard shells and wrap them with iceberg lettuce or you can even make a salad as I do…Hope I gave you a great dinner idea.

Signing Off,


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