Faux Locs “New Protective Hair Styles.

Sure we all get to a point of dreading to have to curl, wash, roll, or blow dry our hair. We get tired of it and so does our hair, and our hair is says this by breaking, falling out, or just not forming into what style we are trying to reach. There comes a time when we just have to give out hair a good wash, conditioner, and let it rest. Well my hair is certainly saying so right now. After over 20 years of heat, perms, and all types of other styles I have done; I have never really taken out time to take care of my own hair and now that I am getting older I’m finding that I no longer have the patience for my hair I once had. I ready to begin the natural hair process and I’m not will to do any big chop and take off all my hair, so I found the next best thing; Faux Locs.


Faux locs are braids that are wrapped into your braided hair to create length and a certain texture. They look similar to dreadlocks without having to matt your own hair. They can be semi-permanent or permanent to kick-start wearing dreadlocks. I have not decided where to go after that, but for now, I’m making the next available appointment for some. I’m excited. Stay Tuned, Pics are coming.

Signing Off,


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