Clearing Your Nose of Blackheads!


Ladies don’t you just hate when you have cleansed, moisturized, and beat your face to the Gods, all to go back to the mirror to get a last look and see all this ashy looking stuff on your nose and you only have a couple of seconds to figure out a way to make it disappear because re-applying your make-up is out. Yeah me too. Those damn blackheads just wont stop.

After it happened to me enough times, I decided to put a stop to this once and for all. Although I have not figured out a way to cut it completely, I have found a way to manage them and avoid those embarrassing moments or constantly checking my nose daily.


One of the products I use is Biore` strips. These strips work very well. I only use 1 strip a week when exfoliating my face. These strips can be a little expensive if you don’t have the budget for it so don’t worry, there are other ways.


Yes, for a low as $1 dollar, you can clear your nose of blackheads. Using Elmer’s glue. You simply rub a thin dime size amount onto your nose, let it dry, and peel it off.

Note: After doing so, be sure to cleanse face and moisturize.


And, last but not least you can always use a facial wash or scrub with Salicylic Acid for blackheads. You will still have to give your nose a bit of a scrubbing, however not too harshly. And I find that it has to be done more often than using a pore strip or the Elmer’s glue, but its whatever works for you..

Anyway hope this info was helpful for you..

Signing Off Empress…

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