Secrets for your Secret….Multiple uses for deodorant!


Do you find yourself perspiring in places other than your under arms. I know I do. I’m sure we all want to look, feel, and smell our best at all times, so you and I know when it comes to your hygiene, body odor from sweat is not a good look. So I have listed three places below that deodorant can be used to minimize body odor and if you are one struggling with perspiring, I hope this helps.

Note: To prevent any body odor, showering and taking care of your hygiene should be done first before any tips or additions can work effectively. 

The Kandy Cooter!


Yes, down there. If you are a sweater,  the cooter hairs can get a little musty so swiping or spraying  deodorant there after showering and drying the area will keep you dry and fresh at all times.

The Inner Thighs!


Inner thigh chafing is really one that can cause an embarrassing odor. Rubbing deodorant on both side of the inner thigh and a little baby powder or baking soda after showering can really assist in keeping odor and sweat away.

Under the Boobs!


And last, while I don’t have an issue with under boob sweating, friends of mine have complained of it before. After showering and drying off swiping a bit of deodorant under the breast will also help to keep that area dry and free of odor. I also recommend squirting a little baby power or baking soda on your hands and running it under the breast can also be used for extra protection.

Hope this information helps..

Signing Off, 


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