Ready set go!!! Seven day’s to a new you!!!

weight loss

Starting a new diet can be a bit overwhelming. The number one question I receive is what do you eat? Followed with what should I eat? There are hundreds of diet plan’s on the market that require you to, drink a special mixtures a couple times a week, eat a specific items 5 times a day, or cut a specific food item out of your diet for 3 day’s and add it back into your diet on the 9th day. The list of requirement’s can go on and on. But why make life complicated. Let’s get uncomplicated for seven day’s. Let’s try eating food’s in its natural state. Its a very simple plan and you wont be starving your self. Let’s start with the basics;

Meal 1 : Breakfast

 1 serving of egg whites

1 cup of oatmeal plan sweeten with a natural sweetener or 1/2 a cup of mix fruit

Meal 2 : Morning Snack

Mix nuts or some fruit

Meal 3: Lunch

 Lean meat ( in moderation 5 oz)

Sweet potato ( half)

1 serving of vegetables

Meal 4: Afternoon Snack

 All natural fruit or vegetable smoothie

I prefer to make it myself.

Meal 5: If your hungry before Dinner

Plan rice cakes topped with almond butter

Meal 6: Dinner

Spinach salad

Lean Protein

Other half of the sweet Potato

( Make sure to consume water, fresh squeezed fruit juice, or all natural beverages)

The above meal idea’s are just a few examples to get your body in motion. We have so much to juggle in our lives. So keep your meal’s sweet and to the point. Your body will thank you for it in the long run.



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