What will you give up for the new you?

New-Year-New-You-ImageWith the start of the New Year we all reflect on the past year and vow to make changes that will positively impact our nutritional and fitness goals. For the first few weeks we are dedicated and will follow our new workout regimen and nutritional plans step by step, day by day. But as time progresses and holidays, birthdays, social events, or vacation time come up. We easily lose focus thinking “Hummm well…one day of eating what I want will not hurt”. However one day will turn into two days, and two day’s turns into three days; until we promise ourselves next month we will start over. And we all know that month never comes.

So let’s vow not to make drastic changes that will send our body into a craving tailspin. Let’s vow to change our eating lifestyle week by week. So we can teach ourselves to “Eat to Live and not Live to Eat”

Below I have jotted down some simple swaps, that we can change gradually.

Let’s get rid of (just a few examples)  





Fried food

White floor


Processed foods

Let’s add new items ( just a few examples)

Fresh squeezed juice

Fresh fruit (in season)

Fresh Vegetables

Sweet Potato



Low fat yogurt


Lean meat

White Meat

I am not nutritionist. I simply care about what I put into my body, and pay close attention to how my body and moods re-act to various types of food I consume. I look at my body as multi-billion dollar vehicle. The up keep on this vehicle can be a bit expensive at time’s however if something goes horribly wrong the cost to restore my vehicle can soar into the millions if not properly maintained. In order to keep my vehicle from needing major work, I give my vehicle fuel that will not jeopardize the integrity of my engine. So what do you vow to give up this week and what will you replace it with?

Food for thought

Love  Nicole Valque

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