“Spotlight Alert”

Happy New Year everyone. I hope the new year is starting off great for all of you, even though some of you has already messed up on your new years resolutions, lol. It’s okay I have too, but the best part is God has granted me a new day to start over…

Anyway friends I wanted to add a new category to my blog  for the new year. I’m calling it “Spotlight” I chose spotlight because I love learning about new products, things, food, places and people that are interesting and I want to be able to enlighten and share with my wordpress followers/friends.

Today on Spotlight is one of my favorite YouTube personalities. Her name is Shirley B. Eniang. Shirley is mostly a Fashion Youtuber/Blogger. She has great style and class and best of all she is very simplistic in her styling which helps us not to empty our piggy banks to look great. Shirley also has a blog at www.shirleyswardrobe.com. I have included her latest video, check her out if you are looking for fashion/styling tips.

Take Care,

Empress Hadiya

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