Is it time to give your Vision Board a Remix?

Now that the year 2014 is wrapping up and all us us has gone through our ups and downs this year, I’m sure many of us has gone through some ‘enough is enough moments”, some of us have experienced personal growth, or maybe even just having a change in direction of what we wanted out of life and where we want to be moving forward.


I can honestly say 2014 was a year of major ups and downs in my life. I moved to the New York City and back to Atlanta in a matter of 7 months, lost everything I had worked so hard to accomplish and here I am starting over as if I just left my moms home as a young adult. I have no regrets because I stepped out on faith and stopped living in fear of change. But through that impulsive decision I experienced a lot of personal growth. Things that once mattered to me, no longer does. Things I planned in 2014 are not in my plans moving forward. And most of all, I feel that I am a very different person than I was earlier this year. I am so ready to put this year in my past, I can taste it.


Now I will not be making a New Years Resolutions list this year because I know now that life is a never ending journey. We all are constantly learning and growing and is a work in progress. Therefore I decided to create some goals every 3 to 6 months depending on the project and give my Vision Board a Remix.


When I first created my vision board, I was so excited to do it. I feel I was not as honest with myself in my goals and the timetable that I gave on my vision board. So this time I will be sure to get it right. Although it’s a fun and exciting project, we have to be very realistic in what goals we can accomplish in certain time periods.


I hope all of you are looking forward to a new year like I am. I hope you think about what I have shared and Remix your Vision Board.

New Blog Post On Redoing Your Vision Board

Empress Hadiya……

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