How to use Color Correctors!!!!! (Concealer)


Hey ladies..So I burned my forehead with hot curlers a while ago and I am currently treating the dark mark the burn left behind with a fade cream, but until that fade cream totally fades the dark mark on my forehead I’m using concealers and color correctors to cover that embarrassing area.

I went through quite a few concealers, and since I’m not a big makeup fan nor am I experienced at applying it, It was hard for me to find the right thing. So once I got tired of spending my money on creams, concealers, and foundations; I decided to be still and get educated on covering dark spots and how to cover them correctly without looking like I have caked on makeup on my face because i do prefer a nude or natural look when I do apply makeup.

After looking over a couple of YouTube vids, I ran across this one above explaining the correct way to use color correctors to conceal unwanted spots or hyperpigmentation on the skin. Now while I did not use the ones that he mentioned in the video, his information was very helpful in helping me find the correct product, which for my skin color was an Orange Color Corrector by NYX.

Anyway I know lots of us women struggle with this issue everyday, so I thought I’d share with my community..Hope it’s helpful.

Signing Off,




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