Fashion for Curvy Girls….


Hey Curvy Ladies…I’m sure I am not alone when I say it’s hard to find nice or attractive clothing for myself. Being a curvy lady and being a lover of clothing, shoes, and fashion; it’s hard to find something attractive enuff to make myself stand out. I spend endless searches online looking for nice plus size clothing and take chances on buying them only to find out it was a waste of time,energy, and money because everyone’s clothes are not true to size and it’s too time-consuming and depressing to send them back for a refund or an exchange.

So today I was searching for plus size fashions for Summer 2014 and some attractive images appeared which made me visit the website. The website was called . They had great looks and fashion advice for the young hip curvy lady. They also included the websites or stores where the looks can be found. For some reason I trust this site more because it was created by curvy/plus size ladies for the curvy fashionista…

I’m so excited about this site and eager to peel through it… Take a look ladies, I think you may love what you find….

Signing off,




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