Don’t Call Me “Sexy” Call Me “Beautiful”


So the other day I was walking from the doctor’s office to my car; while walking, a random Rasta guy came up beside me and asked “How’s your day “SEXY” and for some reason I felt very un-flattered and gave him this crazy look like really dude…He asked why was I looking at him as if he offended me and I responded by saying “because you did” Looking confused the Rasta asked how so? And I explained that when a man calls a woman Sexy, it’s not all that flattering. It’s a meaningless compliment and it does not make her feel good. It’s more like calling her a piece of meat, or seeing her in a sexual manner as if that is all she has to offer. Now of course most women want to feel sexy and look sexy, and often times don’t mind being called sexy, however that depends on who’s calling her Sexy. Now if it is coming from a boyfriend or husband, it would be more acceptable and appreciated than it would be coming from some random guy. If you were to define the word “Sexy” it said to be sexually attractive or exciting, now is that flattering to a woman, NO….A woman wants to feel beautiful, smart, intelligent, and gorgeous, hell even pretty or cute will work…But sexy…No…please….

Now of course I did not go that far into detail with the Rasta, but I was able to sum it up that calling a woman Sexy is a sign of disrespect or can be taken as a rude compliment even when that wasn’t the train of thought when the compliment was being given. Better words that will truly compliment the woman should be chosen, especially if you’re a guy trying to get a phone .. He was able to accept my explanation for me feeling offended from his compliment and chose another compliment quickly, however he wasn’t going to get any play

Anyway that was my Random for today….


Signing Off,



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