Nollywood VS Hollywood!!!

Nollywood VS Hollywood!!!

Salaam Alaykum Friends….

About 10 years ago I caught an interest in watching Bollywood movies. I really enjoyed renting and watching them because they were more real life like, more real life stories. Although I was more accustomed to watching Hollywood movies, I was getting tired of them because they simply were not real to me anymore. It seemed as if everyone was always rich, beautiful, or just had some type of “life is perfect illusion”. But Bollywood movies showed me different. I was able to connect with the story lines and characters because it was more like my life and the community I lived in.
Then came along something a little more interesting; Nollywood movies. OMG…I fell in love with these movies. They were great…So much Drama, and Suspense…Nollywood movies will have you begging and asking for more. I have been on these movies for 10 years strong and I am still addicted to them, they are actually my favorite pastime.


According to Wikipedia Nollywood is the Nigerian Film industry which grew rather quickly in the 90’s up to the 2000’s, which is when I caught on to them in 2003. They are now considered the second largest film industry in the world in numbers of annual film productions, placing them ahead of the United States (Hollywood) movies and behind Indian cinema (Bollywood) movies. The Nollywood movie industry is said to be valued at; 522 billion Naira, that’s 3.5 billion US dollars and they are said to produce over one hundred home videos and films per annum. So with that being said; Is Nollywood turning into the new Hollywood?

I can say from personal experience, I have turned lots of my friends on to them and they love them. I have also noticed that more and more Americans are starting to watch them. I think even two American actors has participated in Nollywood films so far and one Haitian.

They are great movies for pennies; you can get a full movie for $4.00 to $10.00 dollars depending on how many parts are in the movie. Most will come as a part one and a part two. And that would be my only complaint about Nollywood films…” Put the whole movie on 1 DVD’ lol..
Anyway be sure to check them out, you won’t be disappointed. One website is called where they can be watched, or search Nigerian movies on YouTube.

Signing Off.


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