May-December Romances…Do they really last?

May-December Romances...They they really last?

So I’m sure at one time or another we all have heard of May-December Romances. May-December Relationships often involve a wealthy older man and a younger beautiful woman; with the older lover sponsoring all the things his young lover’s heart desires. But nowadays older women have joined the popular wisdom. Older women have also started taking care of younger men as long as they supply their needs. Most of these relations seem to have formed from the older man or woman coming from divorce, being widowed, or maybe the older lover focusing on a career, business, or life in general in their younger years; and not taking love so seriously. So in their older years they grow lonely and seek excitement, fun, and sexual healing…and may I add, is willing to pay whatever they have to, to get the younger lover and keep them. The younger lover on the other hand gives a fallacy of love in order to gain wealth, social status, or advancement opportunities. In some cases the December lover is aware and don’t mind the absence of real genuine love; however, in most cases one is surely deceiving the other to get what they want from the relationship.

In my younger years I had a May-December romance with and older gentleman. In the beginning my intentions were solely based on what I could get from the relationship; however, I was thrown for a loop and actually grew feelings for the old joker…He was a great man and supplied me with so many things, not just material wise, but knowledge and wisdom as well. The down fall was he was older, had lived life, and was set in his own ways. I was young, vibrant, and wanted fun and action. Not to spend every Saturday night in his Jacuzzi, watching CNN. My older lover also had insecurities. Every man that I would come in contact with, that was younger; he felt I wanted them in some sort of way. Later came the midnight rides by my house to see who was there. Graduating to stalker like behavior which made me have to end the relationship. After leaving that relationship, I promised myself that I would never involve myself in such a relationship again. It was a hard and stressful relationship, I’m almost sure it was just as stressful to him. But by both of us wanting whatever we wanted from each other, we were willing to deal with certain behaviors that we wouldn’t have had to deal with; had we chose to date someone of our own age and status.

In conclusion, I feel that in order to date someone that is of a significant age difference from yourself, you still will have to have some kind to liking or understanding of the other person. Because it will be lots of ups and downs or plus and minuses. The May- December Romance may be an enjoyable ride, however, in my opinion; the ride will be a short one, because eventually both will have to face the fact that they are living a fallacy of emotions to satisfy his or her needs. And in time all those hidden intentions or insecurities will begin to surface and tear apart the May-December Romance anyway.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel that these types of relationships are healthy? Do they really last?

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