Can you be a Successful Single Mom?

Can you be a Successful Single Mom?

My answer is yes…let me share a story with you and be the judge…
At the young tender age of 13 I decided to run away from my mother’s home due to attempted sexual abuse from a step parent and my mother simply choosing her life over mine and my brothers. Because of that I was forced to grow up really fast. But that’s a long story for another time. Anyway with my life situation and no direction, I ended up becoming a parent of 3 kids by the time I was 18 years old. By that time I had dropped out of school and was working a dead-end job. Fortunately I was able to find a home to rent from a relative so my kids and I could have shelter. But that’s when my life seemed to be worse than ever. I worked, worked, and did I say worked. It seemed as if I could not catch a break. I worked only to pay bills….No manicures, no pedicures, no hair solon trips, just bills, bills, and more bills. I devoted all my time and money to my kids. It seemed nothing was left for me. My days and nights seemed to get harder; I remember some nights closing the door to the bathroom or my bedroom door and crying non-stop until I felt a little better. However one day I realized that crying and having that ‘Woe is Me’ attitude was not only going to bring me more grief, but it was never going to solve not one single problem that I had. So I did my work on myself to improve mine and my kid’s life. I began by going back to get my school to get a GED and enrolled in college right after that, I began to set budgets and goals for myself and my kids, I put all that was not important in my life, out of my life and last but not least I had faith and trust in God that all will work out well. To make a very long story short; today I have a great job in Law Enforcement. My oldest son is a soldier in the US Army and College Student, My middle child, just graduated high school and will be entering college this fall (And I’m proud to say she broke the cycle of teenage parenthood in my family) And my youngest son is a sophomore in high school. I say all that to say you can be a successful single parent. It’s certainly not an easy job; it’s frustrating, challenging, and tiring, however you have to be strong and determined to make it and not let it conquer you. You will be successful in the end and it will surely pay off. Through God’s grace, I was able to raise my kids and become a successful single parent.



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